The Extreme Language Teaching website has launched!

We’re very happy to be launching this website. We are two materials writers interested in creating a different kind of language teaching material. Our first e-book, English for the Zombie Apocalypse, came out to great reviews two years ago now. We followed it up a year later with English for the Alien Invasion. We’re now getting more serious, and want to publish more e-books as well as a variety of shorter activities for the English language classroom, which we are calling adventures. Our first adventure, Red Planet Hiring, is now available for free from this website.

As we say on our home page, we want this site to be the home of adventure, sci-fi and horror materials for English Language Teachers!

We are also teaching and working with other similar material and games that we haven’t written ourselves. We aim to publish the occasional review here too, so bookmark or subscribe to this site to stay on top of the news.

Meanwhile, please take a look around. We hope you find something you like!

Robert Campbell and Lindsay Clandfield


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