Our adventures are classroom activities related to extreme language themes. We’ll be adding new adventures over the coming months. Some of these will be free, others will be at a very very reasonable price. Sign up to receive an update when a new adventure becomes available. All our activities are presented on A5 size slides which can be projected onto a whiteboard or printed out.

Red Planet Hiring
This activity, in which students apply for jobs on Mars, is based on a series of NASA posters. Costs 99 euro cents.

Tut’s Game

Tut’s Game is a board game for the English language classroom. Students play in groups on different “expeditions” into the tomb. The groups move around the board, answering questions, encountering curses, and solving mysteries before (hopefully) reaching the end. Costs 99 euro cents.

It’s the End of the World

In this writing adventure students take on the roles of journalists. They need to complete the headlines for the news stories of the future. Do they imagine a good or bad future? Most importantly, can they avoid reporting the worst final news story of all time: the end of the world?! Costs 99 euro cents.

The Island

The Island is a special ExLT adventure for intermediate students and higher. On the Island, students role play a series of situations as they are shipwrecked on a mysterious desert island. They create a character and go through a series of short roleplay speaking activities. These roleplays include discussions on what to do and how to survive, an expedition to make a map of the island, recovering supplies from a sunken ship and recording a distress call.

The materials for this adventure include role cards, event cards and a slideshow (Powerpoint) complete with images, animations, instructions and sound effects. The use of the slides will really help bring the roleplays to life. Cost 99 euros cents.