An ExLT adventure by Robert Campbell

Level: A2-B2 Price: 0.99€

“They say the house had a curse. All the people that lived there died in strange and mysterious ways. The only thing they had in common was a secret in their past – something they did that was wrong.

It was because of these secrets that the people died.”

What’s the terrible secret of The House? Why have all its owners died in such strange and horrifying ways?

In this Extreme Language adventure students piece together the shocking story of the first owner of The House. They then use pictures to create their own stories about the other owners of The House. What secret did they have in their past? How did they meet their end?

Perfect for candlelit lessons on or around Halloween, The House is a great way to get students to use their imagination and practise their narrative writing.

The House is a classic ELT lesson that we’ve updated for ExLT teachers. The adventure includes a PDF file of the activity pages with original illustrations by Piet Luethi. You can print or project the file onto a whiteboard, There is also an audio file (mp3).

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