An ExLT adventure by Lindsay Clandfield and Robert Campbell

Level: B1-B2 Price: 0.99€

Is everyone okay? Where are we? What are we going to do now? Are we ever going to be rescued?

Welcome to the Island, a special ExLT adventure for intermediate students and higher. On the Island, students role play a series of situations as they are shipwrecked on a mysterious desert island. They create a character and go through a series of short roleplay speaking activities. These roleplays include discussions on what to do and how to survive, an expedition to make a map of the island, recovering supplies from a sunken ship and recording a distress call.

Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 09.13.32
Sample slide from the Island adventure.

The materials for this adventure include role cards, event cards and a slideshow (Powerpoint) complete with images, animations, instructions and sound effects. The use of the slides will really help bring the roleplays to life. There are detailed teacher’s notes as well.

The Island can be played in a single hour-long class, or can be played in a series of shorter activities across several classes.

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