An ExLT ebook by Robert Campbell & Lindsay Clandfield; Level: B1;  Price: €4.99

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Communication is a vital skill when you’re facing the end of the world. And when the zombie apocalypse comes, chances are people will be communicating in English. This e-book contains all the essential language your students need to work with others and face the undead. There are units on calling for help, scavenging, meeting other survivors and most importantly not giving up hope. The book also comes with audio tracks of all the dialogues, and a special A-Z feature that provides all the essential vocabulary you need when confronted with hordes of zombies.


Over the course of ten units, students follow the adventures of three people as they struggle to survive a zombie apocalypse. Each of the ten units focuses on a specific area of language or vocabulary.

Each unit begins with an introductory activity that establishes a situation. Students are asked to make a decision based on the situation. Students then listen to a short scene to find out which decision the characters made in the same situation. They then follow a script of the scene and listen for information that’s missing from the script. After listening and repeating key phrases from the scene, students interpret their own scene using the language and content of the unit to help them. The book, which is suitable for intermediate levels, also includes an A to Z of the Zombie Apocalypse.

‘It is fun, the students will love it, and it may be useful one day! (But I hope not!)’ 
IATEFL Voices review of English for the Zombie Apocalypse

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Also available to buy together with English for the Alien Invasion