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“Can you see anything?”

“Yes, wonderful things!”

On 16 February 1923, Howard Carter discovered the Tomb of Tuankhamum in Egypt. One year later he lifted the lid off the sarcophagus to reveal a golden effigy of the young king. But many said the tomb contained a terrible curse, and soon people associated with the discovery began dying…

Tut’s Game is a board game you can play in class. Students play in groups on different “expeditions” into the tomb. The groups move around the board, answering questions, encountering curses, and solving mysteries before (hopefully) reaching the end.

The game contains a printable game board in two sizes (A4 and a double-A4 page board), printable playing cards and instructions. It is suitable for B1 level students and above, and teachers can reprint and make their own mystery cards to review language they have done in class.

The Tut Game Board – amazingly illustrated by Piet Luethi