An ExLT ebook by Robert Campbell & Lindsay Clandfield; Level: A1-A2; Price: €4.99

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They’re coming.

English for the Alien Invasion is an e-book for learning to communicate in English during an alien invasion of the Earth. Units include Making Contact, Calling the President, Meeting the Alien Leader, Escaping and others. The book is suitable for beginner level learners of English (A1-A2). The book also comes with audio tracks of all the dialogues, and a special flashcard feature that provides all the essential vocabulary you need when dealing with an all-out alien invasion!

Alien Cover

Over the course of ten units, students follow the adventures of a boy, a doctor and a captain of a secret government base as they struggle to survive an alien invasion of Earth. Each of the ten units focuses on a specific area of language or vocabulary.

Each unit begins with an introductory activity that establishes a situation and pre-teaches useful vocabulary. Students then listen to a short scene from the story that puts the vocabulary in context. They then follow a script of the scene and listen for information that’s missing from the script. After listening and repeating key phrases from the scene, students interpret their own scene using the language and content of the unit to help them. The book, which is suitable for beginner levels, also includes a set of Alien Invasion flashcards with suggestions on how to use them.

Download a sample unit (zip file)

Published by ExLT
Available to buy as an eBook + audio through Gumroad
Also available to buy together with English for the Zombie Apocalypse